Cryogenic Applications


Cryogenic Applications

Cryogenics are applied across a wide range of applications from LNG Gas Production and Regasification to Air Separation to other Industrial Gas uses.As the processes became more complex as cryogenics and its applications grow so do the specification requirements the industry demands.

These include:

  • Superior operation of Control Valves at Cryogenic Temperatures
  • Repeatable Shutoff capabilities of the Control Valves at Cryogenic Temperatures
  • Tight sealing to the external environment

The design of Mascot’s Control Valves, be it either globe style or rotary style control valves has been successfully used within many cryogenic processes.

Mascot’s extensive knowledge and experience with cryogenics allows Mascot Engineers to select the correct valve for the End-users application. With a focus on maximising End-users production and reducing overall plant operating costs, the design of our Control valves provides the lowest MTBPM against our major competitors.

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