High Pressure Acid Leaching Applications


High Pressure Acid Leaching Applications

A common process found within the mineral industry particularly within Nickel extraction is High Pressure Acid Leaching (HPAL) which is used to separate the mineral from the ore. This process is highly efficient atore extraction but to achieve this extremely high pressures and temperatures are used and the fluid media is highly acidic. This process creates a very harsh environment for a Control Valve to operate in.

Mascot’s extensive knowledge and experience in High Pressure Acid Leaching Applications along with Mascot Control Valve’s rugged design allow Mascot Engineers to select the correct valve for the End-users application. With a focus on maximising End-users production and reducing overall plant operating costs, the design of our Control valves provides the lowest MTBPM against our major competitors.Mascot Control Valves are ideally suited for such harsh applications.

High Pressure Acid Leaching
High Pressure Acid Leaching
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