Industrial Gas Applications


Industrial Gas Application Overview

Industrial gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon are either extracted from air using process of Separation or Chemical Synthesis. Within the separation, gases are extracted using a process known as cryogenics. Industrial Gas Processing Plants are typically large and costly and hence the correct control valves must be used to ensure overall plant optimum performance, safety and reliability.

Class VI shutoff is typically specified for control valves used within (ambient temperature) gas applications. In this case it is important to ensure the design of the control intended to be applied is suitable for “repeatable” Class VI shutoff.

Also, special materials are a feature of the Industrial Gas Industry, particularly when using control valves on Oxygen Applications. The use of Al. Bronze and Monel materials is typically a feature of control valves used in oxygen applications.

Mascot has provided Engineered Control valve solutions to the Industrial Gas Industry for over 30 years. Our extensive knowledge and experience of Industrial Gas production and processing applications allows Mascot Engineers to select the correct valve for these demanding applications. With a focus on maximising Customer’s production and reducing overall plant operating costs, the design of Mascot control valves provides the lowest MTBPM against of our major competitors and hence are ideally suited to this industry.

Common application requirements within the Industrial Gas industry include precise and accurate flow control, cryogenic conditions, noise attenuation capabilities in applications where high noise levels are apparent, and reliability of operation. MASCOT Control valve design specifically deals with these exacting process requirements, effectively enhancing overall Plant and Process performance.

4" Bronze GFLO Control Valve
GFLO 4 Inch Bronze Solenoid


Typical areas where Mascot control valves are widely used within the Industrial Gas Industry include:

    • Cryogenic Valves
    • Oxygen Cleaned Valves
    • Cold Box control valves with extended bonnets
    • Low flow control valves
    • High Pressure Butterfly style control and isolation valves.
    • High Pressure Let Down Valves
    • Noise Attenuating Valves
    • High Rangeability Applications
    • High Pressure Drop Applications
    • Velocity Control Applications
    • Tight Shut-Off Applications
CAVFLO 2 Inch Solenoid
CAVFLO 2 Inch Solenoid
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