Power Generation Applications


Power Generation Applications Overview

Some of the most arduous control valve applications are found within Power Generation Plants, such as Fossil Fuel, Combined Cycle and Co-Generation Steam Power Plants. High Temperatures, High Pressures and the ability to operate through a range of low and high flow conditions make sizing and selection of control valves within this industry an exacting science.

Mascot control valves are successfully used within the Power Generation Industry around the world.

Mascot’s extensive knowledge and experience of the Power Generation Industry allows Mascot Engineers to select the correct valve for the End-users applications. With a focus on maximising End-users production and reducing overall plant operating costs, the design of our Control valves provides the lowest MTBPM against our major competitors.

Mascot VC Trim is a multistage velocity control severe service trim design which effectively deals with high pressure drop applications found in a range of application within a Power Plant.

The VC Trim is used in both liquid and gas applications. In the case of liquids, the trim effectively eliminates the damaging effect of trim erosion and wear by eliminating cavitation, and where high damaging noise levels are present, by limiting the velocity within the trim, noise is effectively dealt with.

Power Generation - GFLO
Power Generation - GFLO


Typical processes where Mascot Control Valves are widely used within the Power Generation Industry include the list below.

    • Boiler Feedwater Recirculation valves
    • Spraywater attemperator valves
    • Soot Blower Steam pressure control
    • Deaerator level and Pressure control
    • Main Feedwater control valve
    • Turbine Bypass application
    • Condenser Level, spill over and recirculation applications
    • Pressure reducing applications
    • High Pressure drop applications
    • High temperature applications
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