Manual & Actuated Valves
Gate, Globe, Check

MASCOT in conjunction with our global sourcing partners manufactures and supplies a range of Manual and Actuated Valves.

With manufacturing facilities located in Australia, India and China, MASCOT manufactures Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Plug & Check Valves of the highest quality and latest innovations. Since 2003, MASCOT has become one of the fastest growing valve manufacturers and exporters in Australia. With its combined resources, MASCOT has more than 150 years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial Valves including valves for General and Severe Service applications.

MASCOT Manufactures valves from size ½" through to 40" and pressure ratings from CL150 through to CL2500.

MASCOT Commodity Valves – Manual and Actuated Valve configurations

  • MASCOT Gate Valves
  • MASCOT Globe Valves
  • MASCOT Check Valves
  • MASCOT Ball Valves
  • MASCOT Butterfly Valves
  • MASCOT Plug Valves

MASCOT Actuation – Manual, Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic Actuation

In conjunction with our global sourcing partners the following actuation methods are available:

  • Rack & Pinion or Scotch Yoke pneumatic actuation
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic actuators, including Gas over Oil, and Self Contained

Actuation, mounting of accessories, final assembly and testing processes are undertaken at MASCOT's Campbellfield facility in Australia or at one of our nominated, authorised and approved facilities.

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