Erosive Application Trims

Erosive Application Trims

Erosive applications create a harsh environment for a control valve to operate and function and can quickly lead to damage to the Control Valves internal components. This damage can result in the Valve passing or leaking or a loss of controlability of the valve and therefore the process.

Mascot’s extensive knowledge and experience in mineral processing Applications along with Mascot Control Valve’s rugged design allow Mascot Engineers to select the correct valve for the End-users application. With a focus on maximising End-users production and reducing overall plant operating costs, the design of our Control valves provides the lowest MTBPM against our major competitors.Mascot Control Valves are ideally suited for such harsh applications.

Mascot has provided Engineered Control Valve solutions to the process Industry for over 30 years. Our extensive knowledge and experience of Control valves allows Mascot Engineers to selectthe correct valve for any demanding application.

Our Customers have sought to use this expertise for highly erosive applications and processes where careful Valve and material selections are necessary. Mascot leverages its extensive knowledge and expertise to design and apply innovative solutions for erosive applications.

Erosive Application Trims 
Erosive Application Trims - TAPERFLO
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